Bath Safety

Making Your Bathroom Safer

Bath safety equipment is designed to prevent falls and help patients use their existing bathroom without expensive remodeling.  We carry items such as bath grab bars, bath benches, transfer benches, toilet risers and shower sprayers.  Bath safety items are not covered by insurance.  By Rose Health Care and Drive.
To help provide security and stability, use the guide below to understand where bath safety products can be located in and around the bathroom.
A. Handheld Shower Hand held showers should be used for anyone who bathes with a shower chair or transfer bench. The 86" (218 cm) long hose allows a person to remain seated while bathing. B. Elevated Toilet Seat When bending is difficult, using the toilet can present a potential fall risk. Using a raised toilet seat will reduce the degree of required bending, thereby reducing fall risk.
C. Bathroom Grab Bars and Assist Bars Install grab bars in your bathroom to offer support in areas where falls are most likely to occur. These areas include anywhere that might have a wet surface or anywhere people tend to bend frequently. A grab bar’s primary use is to steady the user and may not support the weight of a falling individual. Bathtub Assist Bar – Clamps directly onto the tub wall. The assist bar helps make entry and exit safer. Wall-Mounted Grab Bars (not shown) – Mounts directly to your wall to provide an extra grip when standing or sitting in the tub. D. Transfer Bench When getting in and out of the tub becomes a difficult and potentially dangerous task, transfer benches are a careful alternative. The person bathing can sit down on the outside of the bathtub, swing their legs over the wall, and then easily slide across the seat while holding onto a hand rail mounted on the opposite side.

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